Trading hours are set by our broker, ThinkMarkets, and SurgeTrader has no control over them. Traders can locate the specific trading hours for each product on the trading platform under Specifications. This can be navigated to by right-clicking on any product in the Market Watch window of the selected ThinkMarkets-provided platform and selecting Specifications from the dropdown menu.
Please note: 
On normal market days, Single Stock CFDs open 5 minutes after and close 5 minutes before normal US Stock Market hours. Also, holidays can impact available trading hours for all products.
You are prohibited from entering into an Equity CFD at or near the end of the trading day with intent of profiting from the marketing gap between when the market closes and reopens on the subsequent trading day, as determined by SurgeTrader in its sole and absolute discretion.
We calculate daily loss limit based on the previous day's end of day balance. The daily loss limit resets at 5 PM EST each day. Cryptocurrencies are typically available for trading around the clock on exchanges. However, when it comes to off-exchange cryptocurrency contracts for difference (CFDs), the trading hours are not 24/7 and may vary. Sometimes, these CFDs are closed for shorter periods of time on weekends. To account for this, you will need to convert the trading hours based on your specific time zone.
For example, if your prior day's end of day balance was $100,000, your account would breach when your equity reached $95,000 that day.
Additionally, because we base the daily stop-loss limit on a %, and not a fixed dollar amount, the more money you make in your account, the wider your daily stop-loss limit is. For example, if you start with a $100,000 balance and grow that account to $110,000, your daily stop loss limit is now $5,500 vs. $5,000.