RiseWorks is the third-party payment provider for virtually funded accounts. RiseWorks allows our traders to securely withdraw their gains in various methods, including ACH, bank wire & crypto. Each Virtually Funded Trader will receive an invitation to register if they have not previously done so. Once registered, a contract will be provided upon payout request to process your payout.

Once your contract is signed, SurgeTrader will process the payment within one to two business days.

Once processed, domestic withdrawals (US) usually take a day to reach the bank account.

We process international fiat withdrawals within a business day, but these withdrawals are subject to delay due to intermediary banks or the receiving bank. However, our traders can withdraw in EUR or GBP if they add a European Union or UK bank account to their RiseWorks registration. In that case, these withdrawals will only take a couple of hours to reach their account once processed.

For crypto, contractors can withdraw USDC via the Arbitrum (L2), free and instant, and via the Ethereum network (L1), at a cost of $2.50 + gas fees/withdrawal, which may take a couple of hours to reach the destination since we manually review every withdrawal to ensure security for both the trader and us.


Additionally, RiseWorks will provide your tax documents annually as well, keeping our traders in compliance.