Scale-up Account is available for 1 Phase and 2 Phase Auditions only, and not available for Lightning Round Auditions. First, you must purchase and pass an Audition (either 1 or 2 Phase) of any size. Once you pass the Audition you may choose to scale up rather than choosing a Virtually Funded Account. If you have purchased any of the add-on options, those will continue with you into your selected option. You may scale up all the way up to $1M in virtual funds for 1 Phase Auditions or $500K for the 2 Phase Auditions.

Each Audition that you select in the scaling plan is a fresh start, and you must achieve the virtual profit target for that Audition in order to pass and proceed to either the next scaling level or into a Virtually Funded Account. You may also choose at any level to move to the Virtually Funded Account once you pass that level. If you fail an Audition, you will start over. As an example, you can purchase a 25k account and scale all the way to a $1M in virtual funds in a 1 Phase Audition or to $500K in a 2 phase Audition by only paying for the 25k Audition. Once you have moved into a virtually funded Account, the account is no longer eligible for scaling

Trading Rules Apply to Auditions and Virtually Funded Accounts.

**Virtually Funded Accounts are limited to 1 account size open at a time, however multiple accounts of different sizes are allowed. Multiple Audition types, sizes and accounts are allowed at the same time.