Upon your first withdrawal request as a Trader or Affiliate, you will be sent an invitation from RiseWorks via email to the email associated with your account.  The email you use for RiseWorks and SurgeTrader Account needs to match.

You will need to follow the instructions per the email invitation and then per instructions once on the Rise site.

Step 1.  Accept the email invitation.

Step 2.  Complete the request for your personal data. 

Step 3.  Provide documentation for KYC.

Step 4.  Once verified, you will need to create a RiseID.  The Rise ID is your identity within Rise and will allow you to receive payments. There is a RiseID associated with each vendor you may use.  Each has its own identifier or wallet ID for security purposes.  This means if you have an Affiliate and Trader account with us, you will do this process twice and have two unique RiseIDs.  

Step 5.  Check for "Action Items" that must be completed in your Rise dashboard.  You may also want to monitor your email for prompts.


Once these steps are completed, you will not need to complete them again.  If you need assistance during this process, RiseWorks provides a live chat that may assist you.


Reminder: Please ensure that you securely store your 18-digit password key, as resetting this key is rarely possible.