In the Lightning Round Audition Only:

The Virtual Maximum Trailing Drawdown is the maximum your account can drawdown before breaching your account. The initial level is set at 4% of the starting balance of your account. As your account balance increases, the virtual trailing maximum drawdown follows you up with each positive closed trade until you achieve a virtual profit target of 5% in your account. Once you have achieved a 5% virtual profit target in your account, we remove the virtual trailing drawdown and allow our traders to virtually draw back down to their initial starting balance before breaching the account. This means the virtual maximum trailing drawdown for positive traders can be greater than 4%.

Here is a video from SurgeTrader on how our Virtual Maximum Trailing Drawdown works in detail:


Please Note: All accounts are subject to the rules regarding daily loss limits and maximum trailing drawdowns that were in effect at the time of purchase. Any changes to those rules made after the time of purchase will not apply retroactively.